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We ship UPS!

Architectural and Engineering Supplies
Scales, Drafting Supplies, Tables, Stools, Machines,
AIA Documents

Printing Media
Blueline Paper, Copy Bond, Vellum, and Mylar Film

Ink Jet Media
Hi Contrast Bond, Color Bond, Color Vellum, and Films
(View Thru, Adhesive Backed, Clear)

Ink Jet Supplies
Ink Jet Cartridges for HP's in stock! Call for Pricing!

Large Format Copiers
Kip America dealer

Construction Instruments
Auto lasers, Auto Levels, Transit Levels, Tape Measures, Plumb Bobs, Marking Paint, Flagging Tape, Field Supplies

Surveying Instruments
Lasers to Total Stations, David White,Topcon, Nikon, Trimble, CST, Theodelites, Spectra Precision, Lufkin, Calculated Industries

Repairs & Rentals
We Repair and Rent Construction & Surveying Instruments.

A&E Supplies